Sister Circle....Let's Share

  • How good am I?

     If I don't keep telling myself how good I am, who else will?  
  • Beauty

     True beauty is a reflection of what is within, not what is on the outside. 
  • Proof

    I do not have to prove myself to anybody.
  • Different

     People like how I am different.  
  • Self esteem

    Self esteem is built from a stream of little successes. Spend the day counting how many things you got right today.  
  • Dream

    If you can dream it, you can do it!
  • I can!

    I can because I think I can.  
  • Trying Something New

      Today is another chance to empower myself by doing something I have never tried.  
  • Better

     You don't have to be ill to get better.          
  • Can do!

    Every time I hear myself say "I can't do it!" I change it to "How can I do it?"
  • Attitude

    It's not what life brings to me, it;s the attitude I bring to life.
  • Loving Others

    Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself. - Louise Hay