My Home is a Peaceful Haven

Look at your home. Is it a place that you really love to live in?

Is it comfortable and joyous, or is it cramped and dirty and always messy?

If you don't feel good about it, you are never going to enjoy it. Your home is a reflection of you. What state is it in?

Go and clean out your closets and refrigerator. Take all the stuff in the closets that you haven't worn in a period of time, and sell it, give it away or throw it out. Get rid of it so that you can make room for the new.

As you let it go, say: "I'm cleaning out the closets of my mind."

Do the same with your refrigerator. Clean out all the foods and scraps that have been there for awhile. People who have very cluttered closets and cluttered refrigerators have cluttered minds.

Make your home a wonderful place to live in.

By: Louise L. Hay 

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