Universal Principles

There are Universal Principles that govern every aspect of our lives, including health, wealth, success, career, relationships. Practicing these principles will allow you to create change in ANY area of your life.

  1. Your personal beliefs create your personal reality. As you change beliefs that limit you, your outer reality changes.

  2. Your mind is creative. As you learn to think and speak in new patterns, wonderful new possibilities open up.

  3. Each of us is connected to a Divine Wisdom that guides us, if we are willing to be quiet and listen to it. Meditation is a technique for learning to listen to that inner guidance.

  4. There is enough love, joy, beauty, and money on this planet for everyone. The problem is consciousness, not the actual amount of anything.

  5. Learning to love and approve of yourself is one of the keys to creating a prosperous life. You must accept who you are in this moment, including the parts of you that you judge as being unacceptable.

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