Teenage Empowerment

“It was really good and I enjoyed it!”

– Maddi, Port Macquarie.

“I enjoyed it, it was different, it gave me a chance to think and relax”

– Emily, Port Macquarie.

“I enjoyed it! Think it is great to have time to think about where your life is going. Too often too busy living life to manage life”

– Sophie, Port Macquarie.

“Very enjoyable and insightful! Inspiring to do better, relaxing.

– Frank, Port Macquarie

“I enjoyed it, it was relaxing and interesting. I feel like I learnt about myself”

“I enjoyed it, it made me feel the need to be more positive, grateful and thankful. I got a lot out of this program, it has made me have a positive mind set for the future.”

– Isabelle, Port Macquarie.

“I enjoyed the program, it made me really think”

– Kya, Port Macquarie.

“It was a good new experience, I enjoyed it.”

– Anastasia, Port Macquarie.

“Really enjoyed thinking about the positives and throwing away the negatives”

– Aleisha, Port Macquarie.

 “I enjoyed it a lot. It was so positive and made me feel really good”

 “Very well planned, great exercises, got everyone involved, very enjoyable.”

“Really good program, benefited a lot from the course”

– Samuel, Port Macquarie.