Happy Mind – Healthy Body

“Affirmations Into Visualisation…..WOW that was amazing. Loved, Loved, Loved It! Sue ran a wonderful workshop. I enjoyed it so much. She’s a natural at this”

Marie, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

“Sue is a very calming, peaceful, magnificant spirit. Absolutely loved her wonderful workshop. Walking away with some beautiful tools to work with in my world.”

Shanon, Alberta, Canada.

“Sue has such a powerful presence as a workshop facilitator. The course resonated such a strong connection into my awareness. Sue’s ability to easily provide such wonderful information was greatly appreciated. Sue is amazing. I loved the course.”

Beverley, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

“Sue absolutely loves what she does, and this comes through in her work. The visualisation exercises were fantastic. I learnt so much about myself. It was a very powerful workshop.”

Anna, Sydney, NSW.

“Learnt a lot, such a good motivational activity. Recommend to all.”

– Sarah, Sydney

“Great way to change our way of thinking”

“Loved it all. Thoroughly enjoyed the visualization and the group sharing. Very empowering! Am walking away with a clearer view of where I am headed in life – Thank you xxx”

– Katie, Coffs Harbour, Super Mum of 5 kids.

“Very smart and interesting. Good way to show things about a person’s life. It was good, something I hadn’t done before, was interesting – thanks”

Sharnay, Kempsey.

“The meditation activity was excellent, it really helped remind me what the important things in life are. The “should” exercise was very good, it helped me explore issues I have in my life. I think about why they exist and what I could do to change them”

– Linda, Kempsey

“I loved it! I had a wonderful experience with this workshop, I recommend this to everyone that needs to reflect on themselves. Work with us more – a cultural blend”

– Bernard, Coffs Harbour.

“It was really good. I enjoyed the sessions and free spirited music”

– Craig, Kempsey

“Really interactive and engaged everyone. Relevant, really got people thinking about choices they make. Great for groups of people young and old”

– Aaron, Coffs Harbour.

“Go into this with an open mind and you’ll be rewarded”

Stephen, Kempsey.

“The Happy Body-Healthy Mind Workshop was a great experience and I would recommend others to do the workshop. It made me realize what can happen when you relax and let your mind wonder. It showed me the other side of effectives that can help me be a better role model”

– Trista, Kempsey.