About Us

Hi, my name is Sue Lewis and I am a motivated and results driven business women with over 25 years’ experience in the Health and Wellbeing industry. I am also a certified Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach based in Port Macquarie, Australia. I am passionate and committed to assisting people make positive changes in their lives.

Dynamic Insight Fitness Port Macquarie. Pic: Lindsay Moller Photography

The philosophies and works of Louise Hay have had an enormous impact on my life in wonderous ways and after experiencing the changes in my own life I am now committed to spreading positivity by empowering people to achieve what they want most in life. I love motivating and inspiring people to be the best they can be and to achieve the life of their dreams.

After witnessing the positive changes in my personal life I was determined to introduce these powerful philosophies into my small business and see what might happen. I was on a personal quest to find the best resources, proven strategies and tools to guide my business to prosper, expand and grow.
Soon after applying my new found solutions, in a case of David versus Goliath, my small business beat some of the country’s biggest fitness equipment suppliers to secure a massive Australian Army contract. What I realised, was that if I can use this mindset altering system successfully than this is the sort of training and information that others need for their small business.

Using my Bachelor of Business Degree qualification, my extensive knowledge and experience in small business and my Heal Your Life Coaching certification, I created “Your Abundant Business”. I can now help you create your passion filled business with a unique blend of your skills, with clients you love, your mind and profitability in sync with your success.

My life is a continuous journey, and I have experienced endless positive changes. I am now totally committed to helping people and businesses feel empowered and abundant. My formal training in both Health and Business has enabled me to develop a holistic approach that is tailored to ensure that your dreams and visions become a reality!


Sue Lewis runs the Your Abundant Business – Achieve Your Business Dreams Workshop at the completion of the Heal Your Life Teacher Training in Port Macquarie, Australia. This interactive workshop is designed to give you all the tools you need to create the business of your dreams.