“The Angel Therapy Handbook” and Numerology

Front Cover


Today we are featuring the book “The Angel Therapy Handbook” by best selling author Doreen Virtue.

Within these pages, Doreen provides you with a thorough overview of the angelic realm and the methods of Angel Therapy, outlining how to communicate with Heaven for yourself and on behalf of others.

In Chapter 11 – Oracle Cards and other Divination Methods, Doreen addresses the topic of Angel Numbers. A very interesting subject.

Have you ever noticed that when you look at a clock, a licence plate, or a phone number, you see the same digits repeatedly? This is not a coincidence, but rather a message from above. Since the era of Pythagoras, we’ve known that numbers carry powerful vibrations. Musical instruments and computers are based upon mathematical formulas, and the angels’ number messages are just as precise.

The Basic meaning of the numbers you see are:

0 – You are loved by your creator.

1 – Watch your thoughts and only think about your desires instead of your fears, as you’ll attract what you’re thinking about.

2 – Keep the faith and don’t give up hope.

3 – Jesus or other ascending masters are helping you.

4 – The angels are assisting you with this situation.

5 – A positive change is coming up for you.

6 – Release any fears about the physical/material world to god and the angels. Balance your thoughts between the material and spiritual.

7 – You’re on the right path…..Keep going.

8 – Abundance is coming to you now.

9 – Get to work on your life’s purpose without delay.

When you see a combination of numbers, simply “add” the meanings above together. For instance, if you see 428, this would mean: “The angels are with you, so keep the faith, as abundance is coming to you now”


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