Back To School!!

Very soon our kids will be heading back to school!

We all know breakfast is important for everyone, but it is especially important for our kids. After a full nights sleep its important to refuel the brain and body for the day ahead. Research has shown that breakfast improves attention, mental performance and memory throughout the day, helps make sure kids get their daily intake of essential nutrients and can help to maintain a healthy weight.

A healthy breakfast includes:

* A serve of fruit for vitamins, minerals and fibre

* Wholegrains for energy and fibre

*Dairy for calcium and protein and to help build healthy bones and teeth

*A drink to keep hydrated and alert

10 Great Breakfast Ideas

1) Wholegrain cereal or Porridge with milk, topped with Banana or Berries

2) Boiled Eggs with Vegemite soldiers and a small fruit smoothie

3) English muffin toastie with grilled tomato and cheese

4) Wholegrain toast with almond or peanut butter topped with sliced banana, a few sultanas and cinnamon, plus a small tub of yoghurt.

5) Fruit smoothie (milk, yoghurt, fruit and psyllium)

6) High fibre crumpets with honey and sliced banana

7) Baked beans on wholegrain toast with a small glass of diluted juice 50:50

8)Breakfast burrito – tortilla or wrap filled with scrambled egg, sliced tomato and grated cheese

9) Healthy breakfast muffins ( Recipe to follow on tomorrows blog)

10) Bircher muesli, made the night before with grated apple, mixed dried fruit and yoghurt.