The RAWvolution Continues

World renowned raw food chefs Matt and Janabai Amsden have been at the centre of the health food community in L.A for the last decade. In 2006, Matt published his first cookbook, RAWvolution, and in 2011, they opened the RAWvolution Cafein New York City’s East Village. Their food is wildly popular among celebrities. 

The RAWvolution continues is the perfect guide for raw foodies or anyone who wants to incorporate aspects of the pure food diet into their lives.

Following is a recipe from the book.

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Makes 4 rolls

1/4 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

1/4 Cup Coconut Aminos or Nama Shoyu

8 Garlic Cloves, Peeled

3-inch Piece Fresh Ginger, Peeled

1 1/4 Cups Olive Oil

4 Sheets Nori

2 Cups Baby Greens

1 Avocado, Sliced Into Spears

In a high-speed blender, combine the lemon juice, coconut aminos, garlic and ginger. While the blender is running, add the olive oil slowly in  a stream until the dressing thickens and emulsifies. Set dressing aside.

Lay out 1 nori sheet on a clean , dry surface. place 1/2 cup of the greens in a narrow layer along the length of the nori sheet, about 1/2 inch from the edge closest to you. Spoon 1 tablespoon of the dressings across the top of the greens. Layer on-fourth of the avocado spears along the top, keeping all the ingredients in a narrow line. Fold the edge of the nori closest to you over the filling. Gently roll the nori away from you, tightly and evenly, into a firm, snugly wrapped roll. Seal the exposed edge of the nori to the roll by wetting it with pure water or dressing. Repeat to make 3 rolls. Cut each roll along a diagonal into 2 pieces with a sharp knife.