Did you know that for every 1.5kg of muscle you gain, your metabolism burns up to 400 extra kilojoules a day. What better reason to get moving?

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Looking to find the perfect you? body+soul revolution is an online program designed to help you find just that. Our 10-week diet and fitness programs are scientifically proven to help you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Sign up now and you’ll be guided through delicious weekly meal plans and easy-to-follow weekly workouts to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

To help you stay motivated, our team of body+soul experts will be offering advice every step of the way. Whatever your health question, we’ve got it covered with our team including a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, GP, Psychologist and Naturopath.

“I have never been happier with a ‘diet’ program in my life, and believe me I have tried them all! I can’t think of any time when it has been easier to lose weight and stay so motivated, and I can only put it down to the support from the body+soul revolution team!” –A.C. from Western Australia.

We know your goal is unique, so we’ve made sure we’ve got a program to suit everyone. Whether it’s to shed a few kilos, build up your strength or improve your overall wellbeing, so you can choose a program from:

  • Weight Loss for women
  • Weight Loss for Men
  • Vitality Boost (for general health and wellbeing)
  • Strength (to shape or bulk up your body)

Every program is combined with an exercise program. We cover all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. An easy-to-follow meal plan with simple, healthy recipes and snack ideas makes it easy for you arrange your food. We’ll even stick the ingredients into a weekly shopping list to make it super easy when you get your groceries. You can choose a meal plan from:

  • Weight loss
  • High protein
  • Vegetarian

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