5 Nutrition Tips for Success!


1. Proper nutrition must be high on your priority list

What you eat, how much and when you eat MUST be high on your priority list if you want to take your physique to the next level. You are only training for 1-2 hours a day, so what you do in the remaining 22 – 23 hours is what will make the biggest impact on your progress.

2. Keep it simple and don’t look for the perfect diet

Sometimes it’s easier if you don’t give yourself too many choices. By having too many options, your chances of becoming overwhelmed are much greater. Clean eating is the hardest part of getting in shape, so anticipate the sacrifices you will have to make. If you are disciplined and consistent, you WILL see results.

3. Eat smaller, more frequent meals every 2 – 3 hours

Small, well balanced meals spaced evenly throughout the day will help your body utilise the nutrients in your food more effectively. It will also keep your metabolism fired up, your body burning more fat and your insulin/energy levels more consistent through the day.

4. It doesn’t matter how late you eat

What matters is what and how much you are eating. Carbohydrates are for energy, and we don’t need energy before bed. Stick to green vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats before bed.

5. Accept responsibility for your results

If you aren’t seeing results fast enough, take a good honest look at your program. Cut out the cheats, alcohol, bread and sugars. Are you taking extra bites, eating lollies from the jar at work, or skipping meals? But ignoring the truth you are only hurting yourself!