5 Training Tips for Success



1. Don’t confuse Activity for Intensity

Make sure you are mentally prepared before beginning your workout. Activity is just showing up, whereas intensity is giving 100% of your mind, body and soul to every rep, set, exercise and workout. Don’t just go through the motions.

2. Keep a journal and Challenge yourself

An accurate Journal will guarantee that you are making progress and will motivate you to improve upon your past performance. For example, if last week you were able to complete 5 push up’s, next week you could aim for 12 – 15! Our Sister Secrets journals are designed for just this purpose! Make sure to check them out!Personal-Progress-Journal--223x300


3. Incorporate both compound and isolation movements into your workouts

Compound movements work multiple muscle groups at once. Eg. Squats, Push up’s, Pull up’s, Lunges. Isolation movements work single muscle groups. Eg. Biceps curls, Leg extensions, Tricep extensions.

4. Focus on Tempo, Form, Range of Motion and Rest between sets

Speeding up your reps, resting longer than normal between sets and performing partial reps all have their place in weight training programs. However, if you always perform your routines this way, your results will become stagnant. Try slowing down the reps, shortening rest periods and really focusing on the stretch and squeeze of the exercise for a different challenge.

5. Do cardio, but don’t skip the weights

If you are only doing cardio and not strength training in the fear of getting too ‘bulky’, cardio will only make you a smaller soft version of your current body, without any definition or shape. You must incorporate both weights and cardio to get the body you want. Its recommended that we do 30 mins of cardio, 3 times a week for heart health and to keep body fat levels in check, but up to 1 hour a day 5 days a week if you are really looking to shed fat quickly.

Be Sure to stay tuned for the next installment…..5 Nutrition Tips for Success!