Who started a Diet today?


Because it’s Monday?

Because Losing Weight will make me feel better?

Because I’m not happy with how I look?

For these and many more reasons people start a diet on a Monday.  Did this pending decision give you permission to eat whatever you liked yesterday in anticipation you would start your “diet” today?

See if  this cycle  sounds familiar!

  • Ok, I have decided losing some weight will make me feel better.
  • I start my diet by restricting my food intake.
  • I feel in control – it’s Monday and I’m determined!
  • I start to lose some weight
  • I start to feel hungry and deprived
  • I really want something yummy to eat- Woops, I have overeaten!
  • I stop losing weight
  • I think I’ve failed again
  • I think food will make me feel better
  • I feel guilty about eating
  • I think this will be the last time and I’ll start again tomorrow. Is tomorrow Monday?

Did you go right around the Diet Cycle in one week?

Wouldn’t it be great to NEVER, EVER have to diet again?

If the Diet Cycle sounds familiar to you than you have probably been yo-yo dieting for some time.

It’s time to stop !!!!!  It’s unhealthy and it does not work.

If this “Dieting” has not worked in the past then it’s not going to work in the future.

The next miracle pill, potion, or plan is no different to the last twenty.

There is only one answer –



At any one time 50% of the developed world is on a diet. Research has proven that diets that restrict our food intake, cut out healthy foods and sometimes whole food groups are not effective long term. You are putting yourself through pain and restriction for no long term benefit – even possibly damaging your health.

The diet industry is founded on the expectation of failure because this means repeat business for the pharmaceutical industry. The diet industry is a booming, billion dollars a year business, with us as the target market.  With half of us dieting at any one time, this process of restricting what we eat, trying to be “good”, and feeling dissatisfied with who we are and the way we look effects how we behave and how healthy we are long term. Exactly what the diet industry targets for sales.

We need to accept the idea that diets don’t work and weight loss has very little to do with willpower.

What then? I hear you ask.

It is information you need – not willpower.

Before embarking mindlessly on yet another low-calorie diet that may end in disappointment, it’s worth finding out more about how your body’s weight management systems work and how the complexity of your life effects them.

Sister Secrets Weight Loss System is NOT a DIET.

Sister Secrets is information on how your body’s natural energy and weight management systems work and about how to fuel your body with food. We all know we have to exercise regularly and eat a balanced, health diet – so why aren’t we.

Catch us on the next post for more on these topics.